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Home staging with Sell in Style Staging: a few questions answered - Is it worth it?

We understand that your agent has already mentioned some of their fees and commissions required to sell your home and now their suggesting an extra couple grand (in round figures) to have it styled, is it really worth it?

The short answer is yes (please see below for the long answer).

First impressions – as the saying goes ‘the first impression is the best impression’. Having your property professionally styled ensures that potential buyers are going to receive the best first impression you can possibly give them as they make their way through each room of your home.

Online marketing – has over 8 million visitors each month across their website and with thousands of listings at any one time, when your house hits the market, it needs to shine. Having your home styled allows photographers and agents to give it that glossy front page it deserves.

Move it quickly - The longer your house sits stagnate on the market, the greater your chance of receiving lower offers or price reductions, as buyers begin to realise that they have the upper hand. By spending a small amount to get your home styled, buyers will see that you’ve made the effort, you mean business and that they’ll have to fight for what you’re selling.

Emily xx

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