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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do I get the furniture for?

Our hire term is for up to 8 weeks. We will collect the furniture in the week following the sale of your property.

When does the hire term commence?

The hire term commences from the date of the photography. This ensures that you only begin paying for our services from the exact day that you require it.

What if my property doesn't sell within the hire term? 

If your property doesn't sell within the initial 8-week hire term, we offer 2-week extension blocks at 25% of the initial hire cost.

Can trades be carried out whilst the furniture is installed?

There are to be no trades carried out whilst any furniture owned by Sell in Style Staging is present at your property.

How much will it cost me?

Our pricing is based on the layout of your property. We offer fixed pricing on all complete styling jobs which start at $1895 inc GST. Our fixed prices include an outdoor area if required, along with the kitchen, laundry and an unlimited amount of bathrooms. For partial styling we require to view your property and a quote will be completed.

What are your payment options?

Payment for our services are paid upon settlement. Paying on settlement means you don't have to pay a cent until your property has sold and settled. Payment on settlement can only be made by your chosen conveyancer for the sale, not yourself personally.

Are there any hidden fees? 

No. We disclose all of our pricing details within the 'pricing' section of our website, providing complete transparency and ensuring you know exactly where you stand.

If all or some of our personal furniture needs to be removed for the campaign, will you store it for us?

No, unfortunately we don't have the ability store any of your personal furniture.

Do you need to view the property prior to install?

It is our strong preference to view every property prior to the installation of any furniture. This gives us the opportunity to determine which style of furniture to use and exactly how much furniture is required to showcase your property in its best light for the campaign.

Will you clean my house once you have completed the styling?

As far as cleaning goes, we will run over all carpets with a vacuum, and hard surfaces with a dry mop. We effectively clean up after ourselves. We highly recommend that you thoroughly clean your property yourself and/or get the professionals in before we put any furniture down.

How is artwork hung?

When hanging artwork from gyprock walls, a small gold picture frame hook will be used to hang light prints, heavier prints will require a screw. When hanging artwork from internal brick walls, the wall is drilled and plugged and a screw is used in this instance. In both cases, the hook or screw will be left in place after the furniture is collected.


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