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Home staging with Sell in Style Staging: a few questions answered - How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

The million-dollar question…. or perhaps the $2000 question?

We know how it goes, you’ve just witnessed The Block 2020 grand final go off like the 4th of July last year, when your real estate agent lands two massive words on your doorstep… home. staging. Immediately you can feel the magnetic strip of your credit card melt in anticipation for the second blow when you ask, how much?

Before you begin to convince yourself that you can pump up the cushions, vacuum up the dog hair and bring that 35-year-old sofa back to life, just hear us out – it’s not that bad.

Having your home staged can be achieved for as low as $1850 at Sell in Style Staging. We’re talking a fully furnish a 2-bedroom house or unit, which includes furnishing the living area and dining room, along with an outdoor area, bathrooms, and laundry.

Fixed pricing

No more waiting around all week for a stylist to look through your home, only to bring the house down with an outrageous price. At Sell in Style, we offer fixed pricing which is based on the layout of your home (3 bed, 1 living, 1 dining for example). You will know the exact cost of the project from the moment your agent mentions the words.

Emily xx

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